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Herbal Hemp Honey

Honey is one of the world’s most natural and beloved substances. Combining the benefits of local honey, including its antioxidant, antibacterial and immune-boosting properties with hemp we have created a product that is not only delicious but also incredibly supportive of your mental and physical health.

Our selection of unique flavors each carry their own extraordinary taste and benefits, improving your well-being from the moment you start to enjoy them. From promoting wound healing to reducing stress and anxiety to increasing energy levels, our hemp honey is a natural healing product that combines the organic ingredients we carefully select with rich hemp-derived CBD herbal supplements.

There is an array of uses for hemp honey: You can add it to a sweet cup of tea, to a salad dressing or try cooking and baking with it. Because of its convenient size, you can bring your hemp honey with you wherever you go. See the power of plant medicine by taking a holistic approach that will deliver benefits you never thought were possible from an organic product.

It is our mission at Mindful Earth to produce hemp honey that exceeds the expectations of our customers. Sourcing local ingredients and using our in-depth knowledge of CBD to create a product that will soothe the mind, body and soul we ensure there is a sustainable future for both our bodies and for the environment around us.

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