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Moontime Magic, 800 mg

Moontime Magic, 800 mg

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DECREASED CBD CONTENT. Our own farm grown hemp flowers are used.

After using this product, you will never go back to over-the-counter menstrual support!

Storage: Although the amber bottle blocks most light, storing this product in a cool, dark, dry place will ensure the integrity of your tincture.

All Organic Ingredients:
 Local Hemp Flowers, Wild Yam Root, Motherwort, Red Raspberry Leaf, Cramp Bark, Chaste Berry, Red Clover Blossoms, Nettle, Milky Oat Tops,  Locally Distilled Organic Alcohol, Distilled Water, Local Honey

Cramp Bark: This plant ally is supportive for uterine congestion which includes bloating, muscle cramps, and irregular cycles. It has the ability to relax smooth muscle tissue and alleviate menstrual cramps!

Wild Yam Root: This root is rich in the plant steroid diosgenin, which acts similar to progesterone and can help to balance out high levels of the female hormone estrogen during menstrual cycle.

Motherwort: A lovely plant ally for all matters of the heart, which a woman's monthly moon cycle can be an emotionally driven time. Use when you need mothering!

Red Raspberry Leaf: Use Red Raspberry Leaf Tea to Regulate your Menstrual Cycle. Painful menstrual cramps - uneven blood flow - and irregular periods. 

* This product has not been evaluated or approved by the FDA. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any illness.*

This product contains under .3% THC!