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"All of Kelly's products are amazing! I don't use much else these days and my muscle aches are gone and my skin is radiant!!!"

-Maya K.

"Kelly’s Inflammation Salve is my absolute go-to for achy muscles and joints. Love the ingredients, love the results! The Garden Goddess Face Elixir is silky divine nourishment for the skin, just perfectly hydrating and delicious smelling. Fit for a queen!"
-Julie G.
"These days I reach for the Mindful Earth pain salve first, and leave the ibuprofen in the bottle."
-Philip P.
"I'm obsessed with Kelly's CBD oil and warming pain salve! As someone that suffers with chronic pain, her products are an absolute daily must."
-Jennifer L.
"I originally gifted the pain salve to my Mother who lovingly kept it going by sharing it with others. Everyone who has tried it raves about how well it works for pain management. I've been using the CBD face elixir as a natural daily moisturizer and absolutely love how it nourishes my skin. We also use the fabulous elderberry elixir as a fall/winter immune defense booster. I'm pretty much buying whatever Kelly is selling at Mindful Earth."
-Vicki H. 
"I use the warming pain salve on my shoulder and neck for a persistent headache that nothing else seems to help. Every time it helps me feel better. We also use the elderberry elixir in the fall and winter and it is amazing. Tastes great and helps keep us all healthy. Everything we've tried from Mindful Earth has been wonderful!"
-Megan V. 
"I use the warming pain salve for my knees, hips, shoulders, any general soreness or tension, and have had outstanding results what an awesome all natural product."
-Beau B. 
"Mindful Earth’s bath teas feel so luxurious! I love to use them when I feel I need a little extra pampering with my bath."
-Alexa W. 
 "During an increase of anxiety, Mindful Earth's Calm & Cool CBD & adaptogen tincture was/has been a life saver. It was my first experience trying CBD products to assist in managing both emotional & physical suffering. I have since tried other products here and there to explore and honestly nothing compares to Mindful Earth's. Kelly puts so much love, compassion and care into her products and you could definitely feel it."
-Kristin L.
"I couldn't be more pleased with Mindful Earth products. I've seen the care with which they are made, and am aware of the lab testing rigors they go through to be certain all are as advertised. You won't be disappointed!"
-Barbara B. 
"I have used the tincture that's helped me tremendously with my sleep and anxiety. I've also used the healing balm which helps a lot with my muscles and bruises."
-Jean M.