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Herbal Hemp Cough Syrup

Herbal Hemp Cough Syrup

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A decoction of expectorant, mucilagenous, and anti inflammatory herbs to soothe the respiratory system, particularly the lungs and throat. 


Storage: Keep in fridge for longest shelf life!

All Organic: Local MOFGA Certified Organic Hemp Flowers, Cannabis Root, Mullein, Marshmallow Root, Elecampane Root, Linden, Peppermint, Local Honey, Brandy 

Mullein: Mullein boasts an illustrious history as a favored herbal remedy and, consequently, has found use in various disorders. Its traditional uses generally have focused on the management of respiratory disorders where it was used to treat asthma, coughs,tuberculosis, and related respiratory problems.

Marshmallow Root: Marshmallow leaf and root are used for pain and swelling (inflammation) of the mucous membranes that line the respiratory tract.

Elecampane Root: Elecampane is an herb. The root is used to make medicine. Elecampane is used for lung diseases including asthma, bronchitis, and whooping cough. It is also used to prevent coughing, especially coughing caused by tuberculosis; and as an expectorant to help loosen phlegm, so it can be coughed up more easily.

Linden: Linden has been used to induce sweating for feverish colds and infections, to reduce nasal congestion, and relieve throat irritation and cough. 

Peppermint: Peppermint leaves are well known for their healing properties. Menthol in peppermint soothes the throat and acts as a decongestant, helping to break down mucus. 

Local Honey: The phytonutrients in honey are responsible for its antioxidant properties, as well as its antibacterial and anti-fungal power. They're also thought to be the reason raw honey has shown immune-boosting and anticancer benefits. Heavy processing destroys these valuable nutrients which is why we take care in choosing our local honey source - so that you get more of the benefits honey has to offer!

Brandy is used as a preservative.