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Moontime Magic Hemp Elixir, 1,200 mg
Moontime Magic Hemp Elixir, 1,200 mg

Moontime Magic Hemp Elixir, 1,200 mg

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After using this product, you will never go back to over-the-counter menstrual support!

The Moontime Magic Hemp Elixir features Cramp Bark, the ultimate moon-time support plant friend. Cramp bark contains a compound called scopoletin, one of the most effective anti-spasmatic agents used to treat PMS and relax uterine muscles. 

This tincture can be used anytime during your cycle. 

For relief: Take 1-2 dropper(s) full, under the tongue, 1-2 times daily. Depending on your sensitivity, you may need to adjust the dosage to suit your needs. 

Storage: Although the amber bottle blocks most light, storing this product in a cool, dark, dry place will ensure the integrity of your tincture.

All Organic Ingredients:
 Local Hemp Flowers and Extract, Wild Yam Root, Motherwort, Red Raspberry Leaf, Cramp Bark, Locally Distilled Organic Alcohol, Distilled Water

Cramp Bark (Viburnum opulus) ~ supportive for uterine congestion which includes bloating, muscle cramps, and irregular cycles. This wonderful plant has the ability to relax smooth muscle tissue and alleviate mentrual cramps!

        Energetics - Bitter, Dry, Cooling

        Plant Properties - antispasmodic, astringent, mild sedative, relaxant

        Uses - menstrual cramps, after labor pains, muscle spasms, IBS support, asthma, arthritis, seizures, high blood pressure

Wild Yam Root (Dioscorea villosa) ~ rich in the plant steroid  diosgenin, which acts similar to progesterone and can help to balance out high levels of the female hormone estrogen during menstrual cycle.

         Energetics - Cooling, Drying

         Plant Properties - anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic

         Useshas been used in supporting inflammation-induced disorders, such as menstrual cramps, labor and post labor pains, muscle cramps, rheumatoid arthritis, ulcerative colitis, and inflammatory bowel disease.

Motherwort (Leonurus cadiaca) ~ A lovely plant ally for all matters of the heart, which a woman's monthly moon cycle can be an emotionally driven time. The most bitter plant in the mint family. 

           Energetics - Cooling, Bitter

           Plant Properties - antispasmodic, emmenagogue

           Uses - soothes smooth muscle tissue easing cramping, can relieve tension and headache PMS symptoms, relieves anxiety.